Get more information about the Directory of Offshore Schools and International Education Resources

This on-line directory is maintained by CICIC, in consultation with the provincial/territorial ministries and departments responsible for education in Canada.

Schools included in the directory

This is the only authoritative on-line list of offshore schools that are CURRENTLY recognized, authorized, and/or registered by provinces/territories of Canada to offer their elementary and secondary academic programs.

The directory is continually updated to reflect the latest available information.

We do not publish a list of PREVIOUSLY recognized, authorized, and/or registered schools outside Canada. If you seek historical information on the previous status of an educational institution and its academic programs outside Canada, please contact us.

Other resources included in this directory

We provide information on:
  • competent authorities outside Canada;
  • national information centres outside Canada;
  • resources for studying abroad;
  • international education organizations;
  • foreign embassies, consulates, and high commissions located in Canada;
  • Canadian embassies, consulates, high commissions, and other government offices outside Canada.

Please note that some organizations are not yet listed in our directory. To request that your organization be included, please contact us.

What is not included in this directory

No official list of recognized educational institutions located outside Canada (other than the list of Canadian elementary and secondary offshore schools) is maintained by Canadian authorities. Therefore, you will not find these organizations within CICIC's directory. For more information, consult CICIC's resources for studying internationally.