Supporting the academic credential assessment community in Canada

In Canada, there are six academic credential assessment services, close to 300 recognized universities and colleges, some 500 regulatory bodies and professional associations, along with employers, private career colleges and training institutes, apprenticeship offices, and other organizations that play a role in assessing and recognizing credentials earned abroad.

As such, there is a great need to support the consistency and portability of credential assessments, as well as the capacity of organizations performing assessments to facilitate recognition of the qualifications of internationally educated students and professionals who want to study or work in Canada.

To this end, CICIC has undertaken a number of important initiatives through the Building Bridges project, including those that support consistency and portability, such as: To support capacity building, CICIC's Building Bridges initiatives included: In earlier stages of the Building Bridges project, CICIC also undertook research in the field of credential recognition, including:  

This work has been supported by the Government of Canada's Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

For more information on tools and resources for international academic credential assessors, consult the assessor portal.