An overview of education in Canada

Information on provincial and territorial ministries/departments responsible for early childhood, elementary/secondary and postsecondary education in Canada

Get information on the elementary and secondary sector, including information on curricula and links to provincial and territorial Web sites.

Learn about the postsecondary sector, including historical facts, admission requirements, tuition fees, and financial assistance.

Learn about quality assurance mechanisms, including information on the organizations and legislation that set the standards for academic programs.

Get information on credit transfer systems to promote and facilitate student mobility between educational institutions.

In Canada, Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition is used to formally recognize learning that has occurred outside of the traditional (often public) postsecondary institutions. The prior learning may be formal, informal, non-formal, or experiential.

Get information on qualifications frameworks in the provinces and territories of Canada to understand the various credentials issued within these education systems.

Get information on the various credentials issued within these education systems.

Search the Directory of Educational Institutions in Canada to locate the Canadian institutions you are looking for.

Find offshore schools offering provincial elementary/secondary-school curricula as well.

Get information on the EduCanada brand, including a list of eligible and/or authorized educational institutions or education-related organizations.

The 13 provinces and territories of Canada

Learn about each provincial and territorial education system in Canada.